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Topics: Social class, Industrial Revolution, Government Pages: 13 (4189 words) Published: August 17, 2014
Midterm Review Sheet
Unit 1: Evolution, Revolution, Enlightenment
TermWhat caused it?What does it mean?What is the result of it? Magna CartaJohn raised taxes to keep English lands in FranceLost, nobles forced John to sign Magna CartaEstablished the Great Council, king could only raise taxes with approval, king had to pay when seizing property (Eminent Domain), all people had right to Jury of peers. Parliament (=Great Council)Magna CartaCreated to limit King’s powerCreated a limited monarchy with written law (constitution) Petition of RightEnglish Civil War (Charles attempting to create taxes without Parliament- imprisoned nobles when refused)To avoid further conflict between Ruler & ParliamentNo new taxes by king, no imprisoning without charge, martial law prohibited, Parliament a full time job, Parliament met every 3 years Martial LawEnglish Civil WarRight of king to selectively enforce lawsPetition of Right GentryProfessionals, educated, owned property

PuritansBroke off from Anglican ChurchBelieved they were pure, predestinationOliver Cromwell (English Civil War) Glorious RevolutionAfter Cromwell, ABM restored; James II was Catholic- wanted a Protestant rulerParliament offered Mary II and William the throneRuler replaced without any blood shed Bill of RightsThe Glorious RevolutionCreated a Democracy (Parliament made laws)Rulers could not create/suspend laws, Parliament could speak freely, no cruel punishments, Parliament would choose ruler Parliamentary DemocracyThe Bill of RightsParliament created laws& chose heirParliament took control Limited MonarchyThe Bill of RightsRuler could not create/ suspend lawsRuler was powerless GovernmentA system created to protect individuals from each other and foreigners. Government was not successful at times, which caused rebellion Highly CentralizedPart of GovernmentDecisions were made by king or small group Absolute Monarchy, Dictatorship, Autocracy, Theocracy DecentralizedPart of GovernmentDecisions made by many peopleFeudalism, Democracy, Limited Monarchy Natural StateHobbes (Leviathan) & Locke (Two Treatises on Civil Government)All creatures fight for survival –Born with no rules; no difference between animals and humans; have to learn to surviveProblems existed in Natural State; ABM was safest= government was created to protect= Social Contract (Hobbes: if gov't breaks contract, stay. Locke: “, rebel)

Natural LawLaws created by God that humans must learn to survive1. Physical: know 2. Government: exist
3. Economics: learn
-to live
Natural RightsLockeRights that people were born with1. Life: gov't is to protect 2. Liberty: freedom of speech, press, religion
3. Property: copyright
EnlightenmentScientific RevolutionA period of time (1650-1800) when science, logic, reason was used to study government behaviorHobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau Separation of PowersMontesquieu (Spirit of Laws)Based on the English government; Executive, Legislative, JudicialApplied to French gov't (1791) and more Checks & BalancesMontesquieu (Spirit of Laws)Each branch should be able to veto another branch’s powerAvoided domination of a single branch Popular SovereigntyRousseau (The Social Contract)If most are involved in making laws, most will follow the lawsCreate a safer society, X absolute monarchy!!! (laws only benefit ruler) Estates GeneralPhilip IV the Fair (1300s)1st : Clergy

2nd: Nobles
3rd: Bourgeoisie, Artisans, PeasantsAll 3 estates’ had equal power; but Clergy was 1%, nobles were 4%, and peasants were 95%. Tennis Court Oath3rd estate urged Louis XVI to meet as one group; Louis rejects and locks out 3rd estateCreated the National Assembly, wrote a constitution which created a Limited MonarchyBastille Day (1789) (freed prisoners, attacked nobles), Declaration of Rights of Man(1789) Declaration of Rights of ManTennis Court Oath, Bastille Day (General Lafayette recognized authority of National Assembly)National...
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