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This form of government has proven the most stable, having the most stable governments in the world a. B-A
b. presidentialism
c. parliamentarism
d. socialist republic
wait what’s the answer? is it d? just think of examples presidentialism is like venezuela or the US she has said there are not that many presidential systems socialist republic is like china or the USSR not very stable so its C

OP here, yes it’s C. Think of the big huge list of different types of systems where parliament had the long list.

This charismatic but controversial leader attempted a coup in 1992 and then got elected to the presidency, rewriting the constitution to give himself more power a. Correa
b. Allende
c. Chavez
d. George Bush


I am more worried about essay questions though.

40 MC and ~8-10 SA
did she say what the SA topics are likely to be on?? and how many names are we expected to know? i think main ppl involved in venezuela, colombia and argentina

Venezuela--Chavez, Maduro vs. student protesters
Colombia-- maybe just national front and 1991 constitution
Argentina-- Peron
Chile- Allende, Pinochet, Chicago Boys
→ allende (socialist) then coup giving rise to pinochet (B.A regime) then loss to Aylwin (Democracy again, 1990) pinochet’s coup was supported by the US, as allende’s socialist state worried Nixon about a red scare in LA anything on cuba?

Probably knowing about Fidel’s Coup, succession by his brother, and recent moves to allow more travel in and out of Cuba…. **I’m pretty sure on the exam there will be a question about US-LA relationships and you should use Cuba as the main example.

This website really helped explain the difference between liberalism and democracy! Hope it helps thanks brah brah

Colonization and colonial society
mercantilism: Exported goods back to the crown
Shaped by Spanish and Portuguese for gold and silver and other raw materials colonial economies oriented towards exports produced with forced labor--mercantilism Portuguese brought 4 million slaves to Brazil--race politics imports limiting development of local craftspeople

Power consolidated in the crown overseas with local governors to oversee day to day affairs no access to power for indigenous people
problem of maintenance of control over local elites: make sure resources flowed back to the crown crown designed an elaborate bureaucracy headed in Spain (Council of the Indies) creation of viceroyalties: one in Mexico, one in Peru

tension between crown and people in New World
The various social classes:
Slaves/Indentured servants
Strict hierarchies according to power, wealth and ethnicity:
peninsulares > criollos > mestizos > mulattos > indigenous > African/slaves Culture
central role of the Church: religious mission of colonization very close relationship between church and state
ambiguous role of priests: sometimes big defenders of rights of indigenous people (Fray Bartolome de las Casas)--educate and assimilate, more often, they were more involved in forced conversion created eclectic mix of religious traditions with a dominating Spanish culture By 1600, important changes eroded Spain’s hold on colonies population shift to working class

more active role of creoles in economy
Struggle for independence
The movements in each country
The leaders (criollo v. mestizo)- peninsulares vs. criollos
Rise of the Mestizos
Mesitzos saw wars as an opportunity to rise in social class
Haciendas (large estates that functioned on debt)--sharecropping Attempts by Spanish crown to tighten control (Bourbonic Reforms, intendentes)--added levels to Bureaucratic Structure increased power of peninsulares

affected the power of the Church: church and crown authorities 1808--French Empire expands w/ Napoleon,...
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