2.02 Hms Challenger Journal of a Scientist

Topics: Water, Ocean, Gas Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Journal Entry Mason Urbina

Day One,
December 22nd, 1872
We have set out on our voyage in the blistering cold England weather. This is not the smoothest start for a hopeful wondrous adventure, but I have my homemade Weasel coffee to help me stay awake. Nonetheless, I have brought all the tools I possess. Today my team of scientists will use the Buchanan Water Sampler to test the carbonic acids in the water, but before we embark on this journey I have noticed that this vessel is remarkable. Yes my room is very small, but the laboratories are really modernized. As we set sail some of the many navigators were using the anemometer to test the winds so we do not get blown of course. As fascinating as my first voyage may be I could not be oblivious as to why I was chosen to be here. A couple hours into our mission the Captain, Wyville Thomas, ordered all of the chemists, physicists, and biologists to test their instruments to make sure everything was properly working. My team was ready to use the Buchanan Water Sampler. We opened both hatchets were the water will pour into. I put it into the ocean and after it was filled I quickly yet carefully closed it. Afterwards my team and I went down to the Carbonic Acid Analysis Apparatus. We plan to boil the water and then trap the evaporated gas that will be steamed into the air. The left over gases will be analyzed using chemical titration. Which result for us to better understand the properties of the ocean. I cannot wait until what tomorrow has in store!
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