Access how factors within educational policies in Britain cause educational underachievement for the working class subculture.

Topics: Middle class, Education, School Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: June 19, 2014
Access how factors within educational policies in Britain cause educational underachievement for the working class subculture. Educational policies have important effects on inequalities between class subcultures in education, I have picked out three of the educational polices between 1944 and 1988 that I believe has influenced working class achievement the most, the butler tripartite system in 1944, the comprehensive system in 1965+, and the ERA (new right policy) in 1988. The first policy that began to influence the was the tripartite system which brought in the 11+, butlers intentions when he brought in the butler act was to give each class equal chance to attend grammar or secondary modern but this didn’t happen, what actually happened was that because middle class students had more resources and the ability to afford tuition. Also as the 11+ used the elaborated code this but middle class at an advantage and grammar schools where predominantly middle class leaving secondary modern to be predominantly working class. As secondary modern schools pupils left at 15 they didn’t take there GCSES and left with no qualifications leaving working class with jobs at minimum wage and middle class achieving gcses and getting middle class jobs with a better pay such as doctor, teachers and nurses. 19 years later the comprehensive system took place which was the abolishing of the 11+, the idea was to make education more meritocratic, everyone went to the same school. But streaming occurred, streaming was separating children into different ability groups or classes called ‘streams’ each ability group is then taught separately from the others for all subjects. Becker shows that because teachers don’t see working class as an ideal pupil the tend to have low expectations from them and place them in the lower groups. Once streamed it is very difficult to move up or down so working class students do not get taught enough to pass exams and get the qualifications to get middle...
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