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What is Literature?

As man started to walk the
earth, he developed a system of
recording down things around
him and interpreting them
according to his own perception.

This act of documenting may have been
the start of the medium.
Not all written material may be considered
literature. Only those that closely
emulate the human experience, emotion
and thought are regarded as literature.



South Korea

North Korea




Saudi Arabia








Afro­Asian Literature is a term 
for writing; 
written by people from mixed 
African­Arab ethnicity, or 
African­Asian ethnicity. 

Why do we always
need to consider
the culture of the people
when we study

In modern times, part of
world literature, Afro-Asian
literature is a separate
segment of writing of
experiences in African and
Asia for further cultural
understanding and world

•  Afro-Asian Literature mirrors

not only the

customs and traditions of African and Asian

countries but also their philosophy of life
which on the whole are deeply and predominantly
contemplative and hauntingly sweet.

• Afro-Asian Literature is the reflection


the storm and the stress of
developing nations seeking a place

under the sun which every student must
understand so he may know how this literature
affects the history and culture of a nation.         

The background of Afro-Asian literature dates to
the very beginnings of when the first mixed race
individual began writing.
An exact date is harder to come by given the
wide topic this question asks to be answered.
Like most literature you can be assured that
earlier written documents were based on stories
passed by word of mouth.

The Beginnings of 
Asian and African Literature

Literature may have its roots from the
pre-historic period.
The hieroglyphs of Egypt, found
around 3200 BC to about 400 AD for
example, is a system of writing which
used symbols, have been used to record
some things about what had transpired
in history. However, these are not
considered literature.

Considered to be the earliest records of literature

Egyptian Book of the Dead 
writen down in a papyrus in 250 BC

Many of the literary works are handed down by
oral tradition. In Africa, the lack of literacy did
not make it possible to write literature down.

Histories, myths, legends, including stories,
dramas, riddles, songs, proverbs and other literary
works were handed by mouth from generation to
generation to entertain, educate and remind the
people about their past, heroic deeds of their
people, ancestry and culture.

Importance Of Afro-Asian Literature?

The importance comes from the fact that Afro-Asian
literature is a sign of new and modern times.

These times include literature from all kinds of
people, from all places on Earth. These days, we
are able to enjoy literature from all over the
world thanks to the Internet and translation

• the other importance is that this writing is able to teach people and allow them to learn about different
experiences and cultures from all over the world.

• Instead of just watching documentaries and reading
articles, people are now easily able to read firsthand accounts about the things that happen in these countries, and what interesting historical
accounts have been made in the past. 

History Of Afro-Asian Literature



-Traditional ballads or
poems outlining AfroAsian history are part of
the culture's oral history

- These
poems or
songs were
down from


Told of the unique...
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