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Alyssa Bruce
My first read over this hand out was a little hard, I had to re-read it multiple times to understand the different concepts, and to comprehend it. I feel like I have not lived long enough to feel the effects or even realize how I impact the world on a larger scale. I have heard people say that being in your 20’s is all about being selfish. You are pushed into trying to decide what to do with the rest of your life and pray that it makes you happy. So as a 21 year old who solely supports myself, I am just that, focused on work and school. As this reading states a lot of people are very focused in on themselves. Only when we are not so concerned about us and our lives can we see how we effect the world, or how the world affects us.

I can definitely relate to the fact that I am in my own “private orb” and I only let a small amount of things into my orb that I care about. The connection between our community, our society, and our America are all something that I think most Americans truly care about. When we are not an important figure with in our society, we tend to forget that we may still have an impact on our America.

Men and women in this day and age have grown to be content with in the middle class, usually coming from parents with more humble backgrounds. So the fact that because a majority of America is makeup of the middle class, we forget about the fact that we are relevant as a whole. All the middle classes make up communities, which make up states, which in turn make up America. “We” are not celebrities, or apart of the one percent, we are just middle class. We can relate to each other and rally behind others who work hard to achieve their dream. Because of this we have such a bigger impact on the world then I think we believe.

The sociological imagination is something that I think a lot of people can’t and don’t want to understand. Most lower middle class families are only focused on one thing, and that is...
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