American Revolution

Topics: Social class, Working class, England Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: October 25, 2014
Despite the fact that Britain was the mother country of colonial America from 1607, it could not shape the colonies to be exactly like Britain. In fact, Britain’s politics, society, and economy affected those of colonial America into actually becoming more democratic than the mother country. Most of the various immigrants who came to America left their own country with a hope to live a more prosperous and freer life. These dreams and aspirations were all related to individual success and the immigrants were determined to achieve them. Obviously, colonial America had to be different from the place the people had left; they were seeking change and new opportunities. Colonial America became more diverse than Britain. In the class lecture, we learned that aside from the British, there were about 16% black, 10% German and 10% Scottish inhabitants in colonial America. Colonial America offered better job opportunities and higher wages. This was because the new country had a continual labor shortage due to an abundant quantity of land. People could choose their job and move up or down depending on their work ability and success. Among the immigrants were people who also had left their country because of religious persecution. The colonies adopted much more religious toleration compared to other countries (9/3). In Colonial America, people were judged entirely by their success and work ethic. Working elites were the wealthiest people, most of whom were land owners. Owning land produced the most wealth at that time.

Colonial America had a larger middle class, and therefore more equality than British society. The lower class was smaller than in Britain, mostly consisting of black slaves. As the population increased rapidly in colonial America, there was a need for more churches and places of worship. “Popular demand for more and better religion led to a series of revivals, known as the Great Awakening, that swept through the colonies between 1734 and 1745”(152). For...
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