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Angela’s Ashes Pre-Reading Activity

Before beginning Angela’s Ashes, answer the following questions in short answer format. (5 sentence minimum per answer, though you’re welcome to go into much more detail if you’d like)

Do you believe in God? Do you belong to a religion? If yes, tell me a little about why you pray/go to church/youth group.

Yes I believe in god. Yes my religion is Christian/Christianity and i also attend to church because that is like a religious center that I can get a better understanding of the word of God. And I could get a better acknowledgement of the bible and get all my development needed to become a better person in life and also be wise and kind to others not just because of the faith but for the will. And I also pray because it is a way of communicating with God one on one and communicating your deepest thoughts and emotions, telling him what is wrong and what you need help on in life ex. Dear lord please help me and give me strength in life and all obstacles that come with it.

What is poverty, and who experiences it? What is your personal experience with poverty?

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. The people that experience it are probably called the lower class back in the 1500-1900’s. And now the type of people that are called ‘homeless’. And they beg for food live under a bridge. But not only are those people considered poor also being very limited in their economy might be considered as poor. My personal experience with poverty is in a personal level. When I was about 2 years old from what my mom used to tell me we used to live in a car, my dad had been having some troubles with his family and that led to us being kicked out of the house where we were living at and all our stuff was in the car and we pretty much lived there for about 2 months where my parents recuperated and gained money again to get a home.

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘social status’? What do...
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