Anti-globalization: Social Class and Alternative Global Institutions

Topics: Social class, Poverty, Working class Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: March 18, 2011

With the many forces out there supporting globalization, there are definitely just as many forces to counter-act them. There are many people who advocate against globalization, causing many forces to arise and facts that are brought up. All of these forces make it difficult for countries to accomplish their goals of globalization. Some of these forces include poorer countries, exploitation, and outsourcing.

In developing countries where they are trying to establish their economy, they are more susceptible to a disadvantage for globalization. Even though globalization makes the effort to allow free trade, some countries simply want to save their national markets. Usually, in poorer countries, their main source of export goods is agriculture which makes larger countries subsidize their farmers and lowering the market price for the poor farmer’s crops.

Not only do we have to worry about the poorer countries, but also the exploitation of foreign poor workers. With weaker nations lacking the protection that they need, larger industries take advantage of the opportunity and hire people for cheap labor (sweatshops, child labor, etc.). The larger industries try to persuade the employees with a salary to make them work long hours and exposing them to working conditions that would normally be regulated as unsafe.

The last force that I will talk about is about outsourcing and how the unskilled workers who are laid off are forced to work in service where the wages and benefits are low. Because of this, there is a widening gap between the skilled and unskilled workers slowly declining the middle class. Middle class families that are being laid off are forced into lower positions, giving the lower class families a harder time to climb out of their poverty state.

Outsourcing, exploitation, and poor countries are just some of the factors that make globalization a bit more difficult. While it is quite impossible to go through complete globalization,...
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