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Zach Singletary
Baptist Heritage
Dr. Caldwell
The Associated Baptist Press

The Associated Baptist Press who now goes by the ABPnews/Herald was formed out of a merger between The Religious Hand and ABPnews in January of 2014. The ABPnews/heralds is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The associated Baptist Press was founded in 1990 and was the first and only Baptist independent news service around. The two associations merged because in the end it would help out both businesses to merge to consolidate and streamline the core operations of each company in which returned the elimination of duplicating their materials. The merge also allowed the Baptist to change and be more up to date on journalism and technology.

Inform, inspire, and engage is what the Associated Baptist Press uses as the marching orders. These three statements guide them when they make their decisions about what to report, who to hire and what to publish. They help proclaim their belief in the transformative power of the story. They like to be able to connect Christians from around the world with the news that they share.

The Associated Baptist Press Mission is “To serve Christ by providing credible and compelling information about matters of faith.” The vision of the paper is to be the leading source of news and commentary for the Baptist Christians worldwide. The identity of the ABP is “ABPnews/Herald is Baptist is heritage, global in reach and ecumenical in spirit.”

The way that the Associated Baptist Press gets its funding is from individuals, churches and other organizations. Because the Associated Baptist Press is a reader-supported press about ninety percent of their annual operating budget comes from contributions.

The ABPnews/Herald is run by seven full time staff members and a part time assistant. David Wilkerson is the Executive Director and Publishers and is from Waco, Texas. The editor in chief is Rovert Dilday and he is from Richmond, Virginia. The ABPnews/Herald also...

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