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Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: November 14, 2013
young children and older adult. This report influenced the governments green paper, Our Healthier Nation (1998) and the 1999 white paper, saving lives ( Evaluation of the Black Report

This essay will look at the Black Report and its findings, and also compare it with the findings of both the, Acheson and Marmot reports on health inequalities in social class. The Black Report (1980) assessed the health service of Britain and its impact on society. It underlined four types of explanations for ill health and social causes. These explanations are; 1: Socio-economic.

2: Cult/Behavioural.
3: Social Selection.
4: Artefact.
The Socio-economic approach stated that the working class of society was in poorer health than the middle class, due to the state of the economy, with poor housing and high unemployment. Individuals in a poorer household are more likely to be working in more dangerous environments such as, factories, coal mines etc., meaning they are on low income and are more likely to end up with illness such as, asthma, copd etc. Because the lower income families have minimal chance of progression due to the above factors, this leads to a cycle of deprivation, between generations. Cult/Behavioural approach, stated that a person’s individual lifestyle choices, as being a major contribution to their ill health, such as, having an inadequate diet, not being able to afford health options and choosing high fat diets through junk food, they are more likely to take up smoking and drinking, due to their environment and not partake in exercise, all of the above, increase their chances of illness such as heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Social selection approach stated that your social class may not be influential on health, but the state of an individual’s health may result in what social class you are labelled as. An individual from a lower class is more likely to marry someone within that class and will have the same shared attitudes to life....
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