Blood Brothers Evaluation- Drama

Topics: Social class, Performance, Audience Pages: 5 (2002 words) Published: September 4, 2013
In Drama for the live performance we went to see Blood brothers on 6th February 2012. We went as a class to the evening performance which was at the Sunderland Empire. The play was written by Willy Russell, from Liverpool in 1981. The play is about the differences in social class between a pair of twins that were separated at birth. Mrs Johnstone gave up one of her twins to Mrs Lyons (who couldn’t have children) Mrs Johnstone is a suspicious woman so Mrs Lyons made her swear on the bible that if the twins were ever to find out they were one of a pair they would die. This of Corse came true the narrator then asks is it superstition or class that killed the twins. I was looking forward to seeing the play as I had already seen it before in London and enjoyed it and I couldn’t wait to see it again. The play was touring from London and starred Marti Pellow as the Narrator and Maureen Nolan as Mrs Johnstone. The theatres stage floor was raked and there was a raked auditorium also. It is an old theatre so the stage wouldn’t have been raked when it was built but it is now raked so the audience can have a full view of the stage from wherever they are sat. There was an orchestra piece below the stage and the conductor was conducting the band and the actors. We were sat just in front of the stage in Row B in the stalls. We had an amazing view of the stage; we had a great view and got to experience the show in a different light. The play begins with showing the audience how the play will end, with the death of the two brothers; Mickey and Eddie. Mrs Johnstone is stood around her two dead sons who are placed parallel to one another in the middle of the stage covered in red blankets which could be a connotation of death then the opening song begins. The narrator begins to tell the story of what happened to the twins. The narrator opens the play with the first line which immediately drew me into the play and I was interested instantly and he cropped up in many scenes which were quite scary as I wasn’t expecting this to happen. The first character to speak was the narrator which was played by Marti Pellow. The narrator is used to guide the audience through the play. In Blood Brothers the narrator is very important as the narrator acts as the conscience of many of the on stage characters in particular Mrs Johnstone. The narrator was useful as it guided people who were watching the performance for the first time and gave additional information regarding the play and the action happening. The narrator wasn’t co-operating in the action of the play, as the narrator acted as an outsider. The narrator influenced the decisions the mothers made as he was a part of their conscience. The narrator would appear on stage randomly and watch the different characters from the windows in the set. This was an effective use of levels as it could symbolise that he was in fact something indifferent which would linger and impact different choices. As I was seated at the front of the stage I had a clear view of what action was happening. However I felt quite scared when the narrator appeared as I wondered where he came from; although I do believe this added to the mood and atmosphere he was able to create upon appearance. The lighting and music usually changed when he appeared and he would sing songs. The narrator used eye-contact to make his speeches personal to the audience, at one point he looked at me and I felt rather uncomfortable as it showed the seriousness and the angry tone in his voice made me feel part of the performance. Especially as the narrator played a very questioning and patronising character. As the narrator wasn’t involved with the on-stage action it was important for him and me as an audience to make a connection. At the end of the play the narrator stands at the front of the stage and asks us as audience members did the death of the twins occur through ‘the idea of superstition or coincidence’ when he asked this I began to...
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