Book vs Film- Lolita

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Book versus film

Many people today find themselves in the situation of making choises considering different situations. From important day life issues to small details in our lives, we are forced to think about the best solutions to live good lives. One interesting aspect today, because of technology development is choosing between reading a book or watching a movie. Well, at a first view this shouldn’t raise any problems because if take a decision depending on your mood in that particular moment. But what if there is a book that some people decided to make a movie inspired from it? What do you do then? Do we leave the book aside to watch the movie and save valuable time, or we choose to read the book and spend some quality moments reading? This issue has been discussed over and over again and until today nobody has reached a conclusion. The question here might be: WHY? Is it because we are different and have ideas based on our own life style, or is it just because we, as people cannot make up our mind when we face this problem? Most of the people who wrote about this subject finally got to the conclusion that is good to watch a movie inspired from great authors, as well is good to read a certain book. The arguments in this perspective are numerous depending from what point of view you look at the subject. Some think that it is positive getting to see an actor bring a character to life whereas there are voices that are in favor of books because here the possibilities are limitless, hindered only by your own imagination. In movies you are limited to the creativity of the writers, actors and directors, while in books your mind is free to wander and focus on every little detail the author portrays. A film is made up according to the director’s feelings in those particular moments, so the movie remains the same for always, but with books you are FREE!! Your feelings could change day to day, depending on your mood and then you can see the story from many points of view. The concept of being ‘free’, connected to reading a book instead of watching a movie applies also to the fact that a certain person might see some details as being insignificant while other could consider them very important in the story. Being in the position of the reader you are again free to take in account certain details or leave them apart.

Still, films are very good because sometimes they can help the confuse reader understand certain vague things from a book that he/ she read. As it is said: more eyes, more views. Anyway, it remains to each of us the decision between film or book. One of the best adapted films that a director dared to discuss is “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. Te novel was written in 1955, and the first version put on screen appeared in 1962, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The next version adapted appeared in 1997 and it was directed by Adrian Lynne. The last film, from 1997 is one of the best adaptations of the novel because it follows exactly the pattern of the original story. The starring is composed of Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith, Dominique Swain and Frank Langella. The 137 minutes film had a budget of 62 million dollars and it enjoyed a great success as well as many critiques because of its taboo subject. As in the book, it presents the story of Humbert Humbert, which suffers of hebephilia. Having a weakness for little sexually appealing girls, H.H, the main character, tells the story of a forbidden love between a man and a fourteen years old girl. The book was much criticized; therefore the film received negative references too. There are voices that criticize the idea that Lolita in the book is cruel and dramatic while the film presents a playful nymphet, a child. The numerous reviews upon the 1997 film stay somewhere in the middle and cannot reach a conclusion whether it was a good...

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