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Range of different businesses
Oxfam is local as there are lots of shops and donation points that are set up locally in and around the Blackburn area. Oxfam is national as it has shops and donation points all across the country. Oxfam is international as it has shops and donation points in places other than England, for example, America, France, Germany, India and more. Oxfam isn’t global as it isn’t all over the globe and is not known worldwide, an example of a global business would be McDonalds or Coca Cola. Oxfam is a voluntary sector business; private businesses are businesses that are owned by private citizens set out to make a profit; public sector business is a business that has been set up by or taken over by the government, their objectives are to provide for society as well as making a profit; voluntary sector business is a business that is supervised by trustees and their goal is to provide a service to a wider community in need. The primary sector stage focuses on getting the raw materials of a product. For example, miners will mine for different types of metals. When miners collect enough of a metal they can be sold to buyers. The secondary sector stage is when the raw materials are made into products that consumers will want to buy. For example, car manufacturers may now use the metal they bought from the miners to make car parts and build cars with them. The tertiary sector stage is when the finished product gets advertised and sold off to either other businesses or to customers. For example, the car manufacturer can sell their parts to other businesses and can sell their cars to the customers. Oxfam is a tertiary business that provides a service. When they get donations, they send them to people who are less fortunate. For example, providing food, clothes and water to people living in third world countries who don’t have anything. Business purpose

Business purpose is the purpose of the business. That purpose is to fill a need....
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