Case Analysis Asia

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Marketing Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: February 19, 2015
1. Summary (1-3 sentences)
The board of directors of a Swiss-based chemical company has a dilemma of choosing the suitable person for regional marketing manager in Asia.

2. Problem (what the company has to do - affirmative sentence) To select the most suitable person for the regional marketing manager in Asia.

3. Cast of characters (people and/or companies)
Manfred Englemann (managing director);
Jean-Claude Longaud (personnel director);
Pieter Junker (technical director);
Johann Straub (potential candidate);
Gail Partington (potential candidate).

4. Chronology (in the reverse order)

5. Issues (what makes finding a solution to the problem more difficult) 1. Asian market is male-dominated. (The company might lose the client; customers are not happy with Gail.) 2. Experience of Gail is Scandinavia.

3. Gail will leave the company if she is not promoted.
4. Johann is not suitable for a job. (He is lack of drive)
5. Johann has no experience.
6. There is no agreement among top-managers.
7. Violating the policy of the company. (if they send Gail)
8. Gail’s family may not like Japan (although her husband supports). 9. Gail is very direct. (Cross-cultural problems)

6. Options (possible solutions to the problem). At least three options with advantages and disadvantages. The most preferable option goes first. 1.To send Gail.
+Keep her in a company
+Experience, ambition, drive
+Good previous results
-Direct and disruptive -> may loose the market

2. To send Johann.
+He is reliable(secure);
+Reduced risks of loosing clients through cultural differences; +Sensible
-Lack of experience in new markets
-Lack of drive
-Lose Gail

3. To send third person.
+Outsider => experience of Asian market; shares company’s goals; right personality/male +Common decision
+No cross-cultural misunderstanding
-Still not loyal
-Time consuming

7. Recommendation (the best option with explanation why you choose it)

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