Case Study 3 And 4

Topics: Board of directors, Cypress Semiconductor, T. J. Rodgers Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: March 24, 2015

Date: March 17, 2015
To: T. J. Rodgers, Chairman and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation From: Ludwingk Rios, Manager
Subject: Recommendations regarding the response letter to Sister Doris

Being that Cypress Semiconductor has such a high market presence, I am writing to make some recommendations about the response letter to Sister Doris’ concerns that the company "is best represented by a Board of qualified Directors reflecting the equality of the sexes, races, and ethnic groups." While I entirely support your stance on the issue concerning the role of social pressures on businesses and see the validity in your morality points, my suggestions focus on the inferred passion and tone. Your response addresses the original concerns, but I would tone it down, especially if you will be sending your response to all other shareholders as well. After all, since the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia are shareholders, their concerns should be addressed with decorum and in a way that will reflect the views of Cypress with professionalism. The use of personal attacks, defensiveness and confrontational wording may be wrongly interpreted as arrogance and unwillingness to understand the shareholders concerns. Lastly, focusing on the main points and removing personal feelings about other issues will make it easier to persuade Sister Doris to understand your point of view.

I understand that the current demographics of the business is not as diverse as others. Instead of dismissing her concerns, try persuading Sister Doris that you would certainly be open to the consideration of any qualified individual given the opportunity. I appreciate your bold view of social justice, however, be mindful that making comments concerning morality may insult other religious board members as well as board members who value diversity. Instead my cordially explaining your view you will avoid upsetting other shareholders to the point of selling...

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