causes of social stratification in named caribbean society

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Question: Describe the causes of social stratification in the Caribbean countries.

In every known human society there is form of social inequality. This system was derived from events that took place some years ago. Social stratification can be class under the system of Plantation System and Social Mobility. According to Jenniffer Mohammed- Caribbean studies (2011). This rank or position in the social hierarchy is the lowest stratification occupied by the poorest groups who have a low status. The Caribbean stratification has been influence by its history of colonialism plantation slavery. Based on the plantation system the society was rapidly divided into the labour system and ownership, race and colour. Furthermore although the blacks greatly outnumbered the whites they made the large base social pyramid. The population formed to the small top of the pyramid, this section were headed by the governors, planter’s attorneys and managers going down to the overseers, bookkeepers, carpenters and “the poor whites”. Slaves were not necessarily powerless and poor in almost all instances, slaves owned no property and had no power. In other groups however, slaves could accumulate property and even rise to high positions in the community. But on plantation the slaves depended on his master for everything including clothes, coarse linen were handed out to each slave generally two sets of clothes were given a year. Also the houses for slaves were only important for sleeping and food was rationed out to slaves, this was so cause the feeding of slaves took labour and land away from sugar production. In continuing the non-white population continue to be situated at lower end of the social stratification, adding to that they constitute the public servant and unskilled workers in society. The upper class/caste/ ruling elites traditionally white had own wealth and other means of production and political power. While the...
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