Child Development Analysis Of Language

Topics: Social class, Language development, High school Pages: 9 (2450 words) Published: March 22, 2015

Child Development Analysis of Language
Julie Wolbert

There is an old saying, “Everyday we should be learning something new, If your not your probably dead.” People are developing no matter our age, but it is how children develop and learn that sets each one of us apart. Child developments is at the earliest ages affects all aspects of a childs life. Throughout the class, we looked at many theorists during the course of the semester as well as looked at many articles pertaining to the concepts of the development of children. The theorists and articles opened up our minds to a world that we have never seen before and concepts about child development we have never been taught but have seen in the Lois Bloom and Margaret Lahey describe in their book Language Development and Language Disorders “language is like a code, it is a means of representation” Although, everyone is able to interpret the use of language some interpret it more than others. This delay in language, we have learned, could be for a variety of reasons. The way a child understands language will partially be based on the child’s background: how they were brought up, who they were brought up by, what kind of condition they were brought up in, what kind of parents the child was brought up by, if was the child brought up in poverty, etc. Language is a key part in anyone’s life as it is a major form of communication. Language is what separates us from other species to be intellectual and to rule society. Language development is important in a child’s life as it will pave the way for successful communication with various other children and other people in society. By means of talking to one another when we are young they stated, development of language skills offer a critical foundation for children’s school readiness and academic achievement. There are many reasons why children’s language development could be affected. Unfortunatly, one of the main reasons a child’s language could be influenced is poverty and the upbringing in a poverty society. Poverty not only puts a strain on language development for the child but many other cognitive and academic problems as well. Numerous studies have been done in this area as there are many children living in poverty in North America and all across the world. There are roughly over one billion children living in poverty around the world (United Nations Children’s Fund, 2010). The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United describes poverty as “Lack of knowledge and good skills in herding was widely given as a main cause of poverty.” Living in poverty can seriously affect a child’s life as the child would not be able to go to school or would do poorly because there was nothing to eat at home so they would not be able concentrate. The child when old enough would have to work all day to make money for the family and many other harsh realities throughout their lifetime. The discussion of school statistics throughtout this paper is a critical piece of information so that my readers can understand the importance of language. If a child does not allow or have their language skills fully developed the results will show in their work ethic and grades in school. It is important to understand that poverty does not have a direct consequence to language development but it is things associated with poverty such as parental education, health care, child care, low socioeconomic status and many other variables that play an influence in language development. In this paper, I felt that language development was not only about how children acquired speaking the language, but over the course of this paper I wrote about how language development is affected in school, such as their ability to be able to write and interpret grammatically correct sentences, overall how children respond to different situations and educational standardized tests and essays. Furthermore, there are numerous reasons how poverty effects...

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