Class 5 Oct 1 Homework Cover Letter

Topics: Value added, Title, Board of directors Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: November 9, 2015
Name of the Company
Street address

Dear “Company XXXXX”,

Thank you for meeting with our team at your office on September 29th. I was amazed to share with you all the materials and knowledge from our team to help you to solve all the current issues you are facing with your system. I am willing to discuss and provide you some solutions to the problems which you have faced recently in your company. Our team will not only fix the current problems in your administration but also avoid future mistakes which can led complications with all of your employees and costumers.

Furthermore, we have prepared a special dinner with a live concert of Norah Jones for you, the board of directors of your company and the respective families in Boston. We believe that working with us will bring a value added for your company and connect you to the most powerful people in the country. I am attaching the copy of our solutions for your review, and have given to Daniel to be in touch with you in the near future to obtain your feedback.

We are happy to help your company to bring to the city and the country a new way of selling books online. We hope to have a successful and long relationship with your team and give a easier way to buy, sell and rent books in the country. Students around the world will take this experience and appreciate our method of commitment with the society for the good.

We are glad to had the initial meetings with your team and grateful for their time and interest in our team.



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