Class Matters

Topics: Working class, Social class, Middle class Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Anthony Pagan
Professor Kimmel
Individual and Societ
22 November 2012

Question 1: I agree with Erma Goularta about “helping people is the American dream.” Helping people today is very important. Without help people in this world cannot reach higher goals, such as the rich donating money to the poor so they can be able to go to college. I believe that the lower class gets treated differently than the rich. The lower class works hard, for what? So the government can take more taxes out of poor, while the rich gets a tax cut. I agree with Erma Goularta. I agree with Maurice Mitchell about “its hard to get wealthy if your family isn’t” Having a rich family, you easily inherit a lot of money for yourself. Having a rich family, lets say they own there own company, you can say you will eventually run the business one day. I agree, “A man can start with nothing and work hard and get somewhere.” Bill Gates started with nothing and made Microsoft, now he is a billionaire. The gap between rich and poor will never close. The poor will continue to be poor and the rich with continue to be rich. I agree what Steve Schoeneck says “the American dream is to earn a reasonable living and to be able to spend quality time with my family and friends in a community that cares. Earning a reasonable living I think is the American dream because if you’re able to make 75,000, you can live comfortably and have quality time wit the family. My boss for instance makes a millionaire a year, but spends no time with his family. He works 24/7 with no time for himself. I agree with Barbara Freeborn that “everyone wants more” Everybody wants more because some people feel of what they have, is no enough. I have a 2001 Honda civic and I want to get a newer car, because the way I feel is that I want more in life. I want a new and better job for myself. I can say mostly everyone does want more in life.

Question 3: Jean G. Miele’s heart attack happened on a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan in May...
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