Class Matters

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Date: December 15, 2009
To: Anne Stafford
From: Justin Brooks
Re: Memo of transmittal

To be completely honest, writing this essay was easier for me because as I read the first two chapters, I had already known what I wanted to write about and how I wanted to write it. Reading this book and writing this essay has taught me about the importance of a college degree and how important social class can be to people.

Justin Brooks
ENGL. 100

Class Matters, by correspondents of The New York Times, is a book about the importance of the classroom and how it can relate to your success in the world. Success to most people is the American dream. To have the cars, clothes, jewelry, house, job and family, basically to get anything and everything you could ever want and more. Some feel that this is achieved by choosing your dream, but you must also have opportunities. In the past book I have read, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, the American dream is achieved through opportunity, hard work and time. Gladwell never made the American dream sound easy to achieve, but he did try to give tips, to those who don’t usually pay attention to the opportunities they get, to help them towards their journey to success. In Class Matters, the writers make it seem like being in the upper class is the American dream. Education in America brings more opportunities and with more opportunities brings more success. Being born into America as a lower class citizen, there are many obstacles that you are going to be stuck with. One of the obstacles that you are forced to face is money issues. Most time the poor cannot pay for the things they will need for school. If you needed to buy books for class you would not have the money for it, since you cannot buy books for class you are limited in how much you learn. Another obstacle that is hard to get away from is the stress and how many lives it has consumed. People believe stress is the reason why part of the United...

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