Class Search and Registration System

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Class Search and Registration System at CSUEB: A Study of Student Reactions

I. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to explore and research the issues facing students using the CSUEB online search and registration systems. We employed various marketing research methodologies in order to effectively acquire and formulate our data. These methodologies included constructing a research problem, research objectives and associated research questions. Next a focus group was arranged taken from a random sample of CSUEB business students. Information from the focus group was used alongside the aforementioned marketing research methodologies in order to create and compose a survey which was sent out to the entire college of business in order to gain a much more in depth understanding of our research problem.

The initial task of this project was to meet with the client, Manuel Saldanha and interview him regarding the issues relating to the search and registration interfaces used by CSUEB. The interview revealed that there was a lack of knowledge regarding the student’s experience of how they were being served by the online class search and registration system. The client therefore wanted to know what specific problems the students while using the system as well as their recommendations, suggestions and solutions to these issues.

During the focus group we documented student responses to a series of questions. Those questions ranged from describing the actual process of searching and registering for classes which students experienced, to encompassing suggestions or improvements that the students would like to see. In summary, results from the focus group revealed the benefit of orientation sessions on campus as a means of training students, improving the accessibility of the search system, enhancing the notification system regarding cancellations via alternative channels such as phone text or voicemail and generally a more intuitive and informative system such as being able to view major requirements and perquisites. The use of financial incentives was also employed in order to encourage student cooperation and attendance in the focus group.

The next phase that followed was the composition of the survey questions. We employed a host of different measurement scales and question types that ranged from the 5 point likert scale to the use of closed and open ended questions. Our emphasis was on capturing as much data as possible to present to the school. However each question had to be carefully thought out to ensure we captured the best quality data.

1.1 Brief description of client organization

Our client, California State University East Bay, was established in 1957 as the State College for Alameda County. The universities main campus is located in Hayward and was officially opened in 1963. The other campus sites are located in Concord and Oakland (where our One Year-Intensive program) takes place. In 1972, the school was officially renamed as California State University, Hayward. However, by 2005 it was renamed again to California State University, East Bay. As of fall 2011 the enrollment was 13,160 students.  The university offers 51 Baccalaureate degrees with the most popular majors consisting of Business, Liberal Studies, Nursing, Psychology, and Biology. University also offers 35 Master’s degrees and Ed. D. in Educational Leadership.

This public university was named the “Best in the West” college and a “Best Business School” by Princeton Review. In addition, they offer an award winning curriculum, personalized instruction in small class sizes. Our main client contact for this project is Manuel Saldanha, who is the Assistant Director Student Application Systems. His department deals with planning, enrollment management, and student affairs at the California State University East Bay.

I.2           Research problem
               CSUEB does not know how well students are being served by the...
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