Cloudstreet - Class Essay

Topics: Sociology, Work ethic, Social class Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: March 19, 2008
Authors often raise many issues within their novels. Tim Winton portrays this in his novel Cloudstreet. A book which tells you a story of two families forced to move to the city because of two separate catastrophes which the encounter. The Picklesfamily who, face the death of their uncle Joel and the shock of their father Sam loosing his fingers in and accident, likewise the Lamb family are challenge by the trauma of the accident when Samson (Fish) is miraculously brought back to life after a fishing incident, then the Lambs move to the city they then become the tenants of the Pickles family in their large run down mansion. From 1944 to 1964 the two families share experience and over many years they eventually form a bond and sense of belonging for everyone. In this novel Winton's representation of class is manifested to the reader through the use of narrative convention, and is revealed through the issue of spirituality of they families and the Lambs use they faith of god and the bible reward them with a good money flow, the Lambs family values of working hard especial Oriel honest proud work ethic, and how Rose Pickles values education and how it is essential to have better quality of life. Working class people during the post World War II era often relied on faith and their spirituality to cope with life's daily struggles. Hence the class of people can be marginalising more than others. For example Sam Pickles belief in the "shifty shadow of God" (page 10) which signifies luck hand how Sam put his faith in it day to day hence "He loved to gamble' (page 11) to measure his luck, and on the other hand Sam is juxtaposed by Oriel strong faith in God and the bible, because of this oriels work ethic pays off as she and her family are always working hard running their shop keeping it in order "... lambs going at it night and day singing, working, laughing, shifting boxes..." (page 76), reward them with success as "God helps those who help themselves" (examination of...
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