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CommunicationExpectations Resource

Effective Communication can be described as being able to express ideas, generate and share solutions, and build trust among a diverse group in order to affect change and produce positive results. Throughout your academic career at GCU, you will communicate in various ways; from e-mail, to phone calls, to Discussion Forum posts, and Class Wall posts.

Effective communication is a skill that is learned over time. You will succeed and sometimes you will fail to communicate what you were meaning, but that is part of learning. Learning from our mistakes is a big step in the right direction. This resource will assist you in learning how to effectively communicate as a student at GCU by providing several examples of effective communication in various situations.

Example 1: The Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum Question:
Think about your classmates and the diversity of online students. Explain how seeking common ground among other cultures can help you in your professional and personal life.

Poor Discussion Forum Post:
“OMG! There are so many students in this forum! It is hard to keep track of who is who. But I think it is cool how different we all are. I look forward to meeting all of uyou. Forgive all my spelling errors! LOL!”

Quality Discussion Forum Post:
“Seeking common ground is very important in both the professional and personal settings. Where I work as a pre-school teacher, I come in contact with many children who are from other cultures. I find it helpful to try and find some common ground between us like certain holidays we celebrate or foods we like to eat. This helps us get to know one another and I enjoy it also!”

Notice in the above examples that texting language is not appropriate in the academic setting. Even though posts in the Discussion Forum and Class Wall may ask for you to respond to personal questions asking you to reflect on a topic, as a college student you should answer in an effective...
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