Consumer Behavior & Women's Fashion

Topics: Social class, Clothing, Sociology Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Consumer Behavior & Women’s Fashion
An interesting stereotype at Quinnipiac University is the girls are always “dressing to impressing.” Why is this, not only at Quinnipiac, but at other schools as well? We were interested as to what influences girls to choose certain outfits. Our group decided to take the initiative to research why girls purchase the clothes that they wear. We were also interested as to how males, the opposite sex, influence the female purchase decision when it comes to clothing items and picking out outfits for the day or night.

Once we came across our topic, several questions came to mind. What do girls wear in the college scene and why do they wear it? What do guys want to see girls’ wear, day or night? What factors into what girls purchase for clothing? Do college girls purchase certain outfits based on their personal looks, and how they might feel the look to their peers? Also, do girls purchase certain outfits based on the attractiveness, trendiness and/or comfort of the clothing items? After creating a survey for females and males asking a series of questions based on clothes and opinion, we came up with hypotheses as to what we think we will draw from the results and conclusions. Our group believed that during the day, girls wear specific outfits based on what their friends wear and what is comfortable. At night, however, we felt as if girls wear outfits based on what they believe guys want to see them wear. In general, our group believed girls do not feel they need to dress to impress guys, but they still unconsciously do choose certain clothes or outfits based on what they feel a guy may like to see them in. Also, we felt as if guys generally do not care what girls wear.

Each article we used gave us brief background research on our project topic of women’s fashion and consumer behavior. Our academic research findings were informative and helped us gain a better understanding of our topic, along with guide us in the analysis...
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