Corporate Systems

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What is Corporate Systems Management? In order to understand this, we need to understand the elements within Corporate Systems Management.

First thing is what is a system? A system is a set of objects together with relationships between the objects and between their attributes (Wikipedia, 2007). In an organisation the systems have to be organised in a systematic approach, allowing the system to be analysed and into the smallest elements through a top-down or bottom- up approach. Systems will have an input and output. In other words a system in a group of interacting, interrelated, an interdependent components that form a complex and unified whole (Pegasus Communications inc, 2002(Case study)).

In the case of Corporate Systems Management, information systems are concerned with the development, use, application and influence of information technologies (Wikipedia, 2007). All information systems have an input followed by the process where information gets stored and then an output, with a feed back loop. There are three types of storage systems. The document, transaction data and the economic and competitive data. Information systems can be classed into three expert systems, them being “top” management (strategic), “middle” management (tactical, professional) and “first level” management (operational).

Second thing is how is corporate defined? Corporate is defined by Wikipedia as a group of individuals acting as a whole, as in one business (Wikipedia, 2007). In the case of Corporate Systems Management they are information societies, as well as the information economy, which is a society and a community within traditional corporate environments.

Lastly what is management? As defined by Wikipedia management comprises of directing and controlling a group of one or more people or entities for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing that group towards accomplishing a predetermined goal (Wikipedia, 2007). People, Information systems, information technology, business process and process improvement and projects can all be management by an individual or management group.

Corporate Systems Management can be defined by incorporating these definitions together to gain a better understanding. It is the overall accountability for IT systems from a corporate perspective. According to the Queensland University of Technology, leading University in IT, states that the Corporate Systems role needs to be able to identify business systems needs, select the right information systems and integrate theses systems into organisations to improve performance (QUT, 2007).

Over the years, the roles of IS/IT professionals have changed, them needing more business knowledge. Trends of the IS/IT have not only changed, but also the way that business is conducted. This therefore changing the skills needed by IS/IT professionals. Creating the need for Corporate Systems Managers, through the enhancement of technologies, new operating structures, increased demand from users and senior management emphasis on strategic and competitive value of information. According to the article “Leading the pack: future role of IS/IT professionals” there has been an IS/IT paradigm shift and this implies that the IS/IT professional of the future may need to be more focused on business rather then technical processes. The IS/IT professionals of now days need to be multi-faced and multi skilled individuals, who are being asked to recognise when the opportunity arises to introduce new technologies and information systems, make the case for new or current information systems, analyse and recommend how the new or current information systems will fit into the changing organisation and anticipate the implementation issues associated with it (Article).

For this assessment, two different domains within the Corporate Systems Management offered to us need to be compared. The two...
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