Customer Behavior Analysis of Ikea

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IKEA Consumer Behavior Analysis

Consumer behavior

Executive Summary1
Company Background1
Objective and Focus of This Study 2
* Perception3
* Buying theory 4
* Learning theory6
* Motivation7
* Attitude8
* Reference group and social media 9
* Gender10
* Social class11
* Subculture12
* Culture13
Interesting Findings13
Marketing Implication16
Executive Summary

IKEA was chosen as the target company to study its consumer behavior due to its high brand awareness and large consumer base. 12 young respondents, who are mainly from our friends, are selected to do the depth-interview. Base on the data collected from the interviews, quotes are interpreted by the theories, including perception, buying theory, learning theory, motivation, attitude, reference groups and social media, gender, social class, subculture and culture. Besides, some interesting and meaningful findings which can’t be explained by the theories are summarized as well. Accordingly, suggestions are raised derived from the findings through the interviews, including recommendations to brand image, customer convenience and service, membership and defective zone.

IKEA company background introduction
IKEA which was founded in Sweden in 1943 is an international home products retailer. IKEA designs and sells almost all kinds of ready-to-assemble furniture as well as home accessories. It is famous for its fashionable architectural designs on different types of appliance and furniture, often associated with a simplified environmental-friendly interior design. The first IKEA store was opened in Älmhult, Småland in 1953 while the first store outside Sweden was opened in Norway(1963). Since then it started extent itself into other countries. The extension was much faster from 1990s to 2000s. At the end of 2009 financial year, IKEA group had 267 stores in 25 countries. For Chinese market, there are 9 stores has opened in mainland China, 5 more under construction and 3 stores in Hong Kong.

Objective and focus of this study
In this project we expected to find out IKEA's customers’ behavior which could explained by the theories we have learnt. While studying the data we collected from our respondents we focused on finding out the common characteristics as well as the interesting behavior which is not covered by existing theories. After decoding those messages we aim to understand consumer behavior deeply and come up some recommendations for IKEA.

According to the objectives stated above we propose to use a depth-interview to fulfill the objectives. Screening was applied for choosing our target respondents, where covered age from 20 to 30 and included both white-collar and students. Accordingly, total number of respondent is 12 which are 7 males and 5 females. The average income is around HKD10000-20000. Among our respondents, 3 of them had married and living in their own house while other 9 are single which 3 of them living with their parents and the other 6 rent an apartment for living. During the interview, we controlled the time within 45 minutes for each one, and encouraged respondents to provide detailed opinions and personal experience towards the questions we prepared before. Meanwhile, we tried to investigate more deep reasons why they had these opinions, how the motivations came out and what behavior related to purchase as well. We may discover some unknown opinions from them about how they think of IKEA's products, and service. The results may be out of expectations. After the in-depth interview, we interpreted the data based on the theories we learnt and concluded the interesting findings.

1. Perception
Perception influence consumers’ behavior, it is a process by which people select, organize, and interpret these sensations. According to our respondents, for...

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