Daz for Zoe Summary

Topics: Social class, Novel, Subaltern Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Daz 4 Zoe is a compelling novel written by Robert Swindells. The novel is about a young boy (Daz) and a young girl (Zoe) who were from different walks of life, but meet in a bar and fall in love. The story outlines the difficulties of the relationship when coming from different backgrounds and how society at that time didn’t accept them being together. Segregation is the term used in the novel to describe the expected separation of different classes within society at that time. Daz and Zoe tried hard to be accepted by the community but eventually segregation over-powers their love and they were shot by undercover government agents.

The theme of segregation is evident in the novel; however it is portrayed through three different elements. These are the inner struggles of the characters, different environments and settings and the overall message of fighting against segregation.

My essay is about the theme of Segregation.

Segregation between social classes has been evident throughout history in several societies and is still relevant today. One of the main elements in Daz 4 Zoe shows the vivid connection of segregation when describing the inner struggles of the characters. Each of the main characters struggled with a range of issues they had to deal with during the story. The major conflict they struggled with was the expectation that overcoming segregation was not possible, and that it would always exist in society. For example, in the book Daz 4 Zoe, Daz was a young boy who is classified as a ‘chippy’ (short for city goer). He was brought up in the ghettos of a city and considered a low life by some. But Daz fell in love with a ‘subbie’, where a ‘subbie’ is the nickname given to people who live in the suburbs. Zoe was the young ‘subbie’ whom Daz fell for.

These two characters were never meant to meet let alone fall in love with one another. It wasn’t accepted in society and was frowned upon by almost everyone. Zoe’s father had said to her “You...
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