Topics: Social class, Working class, Sociology Pages: 3 (1503 words) Published: August 9, 2015
Part 1: Essay
Draw upon different types of evidence to support the claim that social class is connected to the places where people live. For the purpose of this essay I will explore the view that social class is connected to the places where people live. This essay will show what sort of evidence social scientists draw upon to support the claim that class and place are connected by selecting examples from the variety of study materials from the ‘Connecting lives’ strand. I will begin by outlining what the term ‘class’ means with some reference to the links between class and inequality and the definitions provided by social scientists such as Karl Marx I will then focus on offering examples of the evidence social scientists draw upon to show the connections between class and where people live. The evidence I will draw upon comes from Sport England, Charles Booth’s survey of poverty in London, the Savage et al. BBC class survey and I will also briefly discuss Danny Dorling’s interview with Kath Woodward. The conclusion to this essay will sum up the nature of the connections between class and the places where people live, and the types of evidence which can be used to demonstrate these connections. The identity of ‘class’ is often called the ‘unspeakable identity’. The reason for this may be that class refers to inequalities based on a small group of people that occupy a greater position within society. Class identity can therefore be defined as ‘a group or collective identity that links economic inequality and social differences, including superior or inferior status and differences of family background and lifestyle’ (Open University, 2015). Inequalities of class are part of British social history with famous theorist Karl Marx being one of the first social scientists to focus on social class. According to Marx there are two classes of people within society, these being the bourgeoisie and the proletariats, or in other words the employers and the...
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