Dear Professor

Topics: Writing, Hospital, Literature Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: February 18, 2014

As a freshman in college, I know myself enough to say that writing has never been my strongest skill. Never. I believe that writing is extremely important and I envy those who can do it with ease. Good writing doesn't come to everyone and it should not be overlooked. Against(Contrary to) popular belief It doesn't always have to be evil and out to ruin your life such as a research paper or a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deed. It can be a bumper sticker on a Volkswagen Buggie or even Amanda Bynes last crazy tweet, now the difference good writing and writing in general is a whole other thing I'll have to get into. If your reading it, it's someones writing. Whether its good writing or bad writing, well it depends on whose reading it really.

My writing has never been at the level where I wanted it, and I can confidently say that I would never feel fully comfortable with sharing any of my writing. I have never been able to express my thoughts or ideas through writing; at least clearly. There's something about sitting down and pushing these little button's for hours that doesn't mix with me. Maybe my lack of knowledge about writing could be blamed for my crappy work or maybe even lack of interest. One thing I do know is that my horrible grammar gets in the way with writing, not as much as it should thanks to autocorrect; but I'm sure you won't have a problem seeing my problem. Essay's and research papers have always been my biggest enemies. I have only written poetry for school purposes and I have never kept a journal or anything of the sort nor do i post statuses on Facebook. I do post on twitter, probably more than I should, or more than anyone should for that matter. I absolutely consider it writing. Is it worth a grade or a trophy? Probably not. I can say that I'm confident in my posts on twitter. As pathetic as that sounds, I promise at least one of them would make you laugh.

When it comes to reading, I love it. Books of many different...
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