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Movies based on books – a blessing or a curse?

Book Movie based on book Nowadays, people often read book or watch movies for entertainment. Since movie has been invented, the use of book has been declined very much. However, some contend that movie produces negative effects on the individual as well as on the society because it makes us lazy and uncommunicative to other people. Others support watching movie, claiming that it is more interesting and convenient. In the world of today people go farther, they start making movies which are based on the books. So for many people these movies began to replace books and even worse, people stop to read. It does not need them because you may just go to the cinema and watch a movie and you will know the story, the plot without wasting time, but these people are totally wrong. Movie will never be as brilliant as the book and there are several reasons. Firstly, movie cannot convey small imperceptible details, thoughts of the characters and how they reached to such a life because movies usually show only actions. The screenwriter and the director show only their vision of the book but when you read it yourself everything is different: you can understand what the author wanted to say without intermediaries, you can imagine appearance of characters, to feel what they feel. You have direct communication with the author while watching films this communication looks like “deaf phone”. It is all happening because of fact that movie is a pageantry and it means show, gloss, splendor etc. The book is not only entertainment but also food for our mind and the imagination. According to William Styron “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading”. Another reason why movies based on books cannot compete with books is that very often screenwriters remake books to please...
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