Ethical Organization

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Ethical Organization
The Reach for Hope is a nonprofit organization, which services a rural community, outside of Colorado Springs. The constituents of the community range from poor to needy when it concerns their financial status, those individuals who do work receive very low wages. Like other rural communities such as this, there is also a rate of drug and alcohol addiction; and high incidence rate of rape, incest, and high pregnancies. The presence of medical attention is not evident, if any it is minimal at most. The community also shows a rate of health and mental disabilities, which no one has made an effort to, investigate. As a nonprofit organization Reach for Hope is concerned about the situation, the Board of directors are volunteers from the community, they had to decide to ask for a volunteer to oversee the situation at the Reach of Hope, or they had to decide to hire a Director. The Board of directors opted to hire the director and an assistant with the exception of the director and her assistant. All other staff member of the organization have volunteered there services, which include doctors, nurses, counselors; and advocates who will research for public services that offer aid to the public such as, prescription services, food services, home health, and much more. As the appointed director I first decided; the first point is to begin to know my constituents in the community, what are the concerns or the parents and their children, individuals, the elderly, and homeless. I will go to public facilities to run a census of what the community ideas are as whole and inform them that to do this and succeed it has to be a joint effort between them and the organization. Finally I will have to look into the resources and the volunteer that will be need for this program to succeed. In looking it the failed attempt of my predecessor, I ask the Board for any documentation about expenditures and vital documentation that will assist in reopening the Reach for Hope in this community. In viewing the documents I can see there was never much effort made to include the community and any decision or participation in any activity that involved the community. Previously the community considered the organization similar to other organizations with the motto “we give, you get.” This is not the case, for my job is to ensure that want we can give, to those clients who have earned by participating. This is the only way to measure the success of the organization, “every organization should be on the journey of ultimately measuring outcomes” (Wheeler, 2009, p. 9). Our mission is to help and work within the community, so every member can strengthen and encourage every man, woman and child to be all that he or she can be. As a nonprofit organization, it will take everyone to contribute all whatever they can, so everyone can reach his or her dreams and desires. With this joint effort, staff members hope to accomplish the goal of a vision that may seem unreachable but is reachable with perseverance, strength, and teamwork, which every person can contribute, will bring someone’s dreams come true. I have already met with the constituents of the community, staff, and volunteers; and with all the suggestions from everyone, including the time, and services each is will to contribute. With all the information I have received I have decided to broach the Board of Director, to discuss how prevent and minimize this organization from failing again. I have suggested the organization is in need of an outside Ethics certified public accountant and Ethics Advisor, who is not currently or in any way associated with the Board of directors. The Reach for Hope organization will gain the trust and respect from its constituents, if a neutral Ethical Advisory Board is put in place to oversee both the financial and grieves such as misconduct, misrepresentation, and many other reasons. This in itself would motivate the staff and...
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