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Topics: Social class, Marxism, Social status Pages: 5 (622 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Department of Sociology
Sociology 201
Second Examination
Prep Questions

1. True or False? The theory of primordialism in your text is the same as the biological theory of racial crime by van den Berghe that we discussed in class. A. True.
B. False.

2. The petite bourgeoisie to Marx is the _____ to Wright.
A. Bourgeoisie.
B. Proletariat.
C. Managerial class.
D. Small business owners.
E. Lumpenproletariat.

3. According to Matthews, the _____ is the most likely to be happy over the life course. A. The elite.
B. The fringe.
C. Life in the middle.
D. The plastics.
E. The wannabees.

4. It was _____ who said we should examine the career of "race". A. Marx.
B. Durkheim.
C. Satzewich.
D. Outlaw.
E. Bonacich.

5. Consider the following path diagram and identify who constructed it.

A. van den Berghe.
B. Bonacich.
C. Marger.
D. Satzewich.
E. Merton.
6. The bottom half of Canadian society controls _____ of the entire wealth in the country. A. 10%.
B. 30%.
C. 50%
D. 70%.
E. 90%.

7. According to text box 6.2 on page 143 of your text, the LICO is criticized because, technically speaking, poverty can never be entirely eliminated since there will likely always be a range of income in the country. A. True.

B. False.

8. In Canada, social class status is perceived as being ascribed. A. True.
B. False.

9. The consequences of poverty include all of the following except one. Which is the exception? A. The poor are more likely to have poor hygiene.
B. Poor children are more likely to be poor adults.
C. The poor tend not to do as well in school.
D. The poor have delayed vocabulary development.
E. None of the above is suitable.

10. Matthews believes that in adulthood, the _____ are the happiest. A. The wannabees (did I mention how freaking MUCH I hate that Spice Girls song!?!?!?!). B. The elite.
C. The plastics.
D. The fringe.
E. Life in the middle.

11. Please review the following path diagram before answering the question below.


Which theorist(s) generated this causal chain?
A. Conflict theorists.
B. Functionalists.
C. Bonacich.
D. Merton.
E. None of the above is appropriate.

12. When members of the proletariat share a sense of shared interest due to their class status, it is called _____. A. Class consciousness.
B. Class structure.
C. Status attainment.
D. Achieved status.
E. None of the above is appropriate.

13. What is the term for the biological characteristics distinguishing males and females? A. Sexual orientation.
B. Sex.
C. Gender.
D. Both A and B.
E. Both B and C.

14. Which of the following feminists believe that the personal is political? A. Socialist.
B. Rainbow.
C. Postmodern.
D. Radical.

15. If I (Steveo) discriminated against an individual in class based on skin colour, then this would be known as _____ racism. A. Interpersonal.
B. Cultural.
C. Systemic.
D. Systematic.
E. Institutional.

16. According to Krahn, a caste system is known to exist in _____. A. France.
B. Portugal.
C. Indonesia.
D. India.
E. Turkey.

17. Porter came up with the concepts of the _____ and the _____ groups in Canada. A. Entry; arrival.
B. Sojouners; permanent residents.
C. Entrance; charter.
D. None of the above is suitable.

18. Of the following, who believed that class inequality will be eliminated some day?
A. Marx.
B. Durkheim.
C. Weber.
D. Davis and Moore.
E. Dahrendorf.

19. On average, women earn approximately _____ of what men do. A. 1/10th.
B. 9/10ths.
C. 1/5th.
D. 3/4ths.

20. True or False? Since 2002, 1/3rd of white children fall below the LICO.
A. True.
B. False.
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