Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd: Meeting of the Board of Directors

Topics: Board of directors, Managing director, Customer Pages: 6 (1749 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd
[Pursuant to 384th Meeting of Board of Directors dated 8th February, 2013 Agenda No: A-15]


1. The Grievance redressal mechanism of an organization is the gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it provides important feedback on the working of the Organization. The main purpose of a Grievance Policy is to place an appropriate mechanism whereby the Customer who believe(s) that he/ she has been wronged by any act of the Company is afforded a fair opportunity to redress his/ her Grievance. Objectives: 2. The objectives of the Grievance Redressal Policy are: (a) To develop an organizational framework to promptly address and resolve customer Grievances fairly and equitably; (b) To provide enhanced level of customer satisfaction; (c) To provide easy accessibility to the customer for an immediate Grievance redressal.

(d) To educate the customers about their responsibilities to access benefits due under the policies; (e) To ensure that the customers are treated fairly at all times; (f) To identify systemic flaws in the operational functions of the organization and products suggesting corrective measures; (g) To put in place a monitoring mechanism to oversee the functioning of the Grievance Redressal Policy. Definition of “Grievance / Complaint” (I R D A provided) 3. A “Grievance / Complaint” is defined as any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service/ deficiency of service of an insurance company and/or any intermediary or asks for remedial action. Structure of Grievance Redressal Mechanism 4. The company shall have four tiers Grievance redressal machinery with designated Grievance Officer at each level viz.    Branch Manager is the Branch level Grievance Officer, Regional Manager is the Regional level Grievance Officer General Manager (Grievances) is the Head Office level Grievance Officer

The principal function of Branch level Grievance Officer would be to redress the Grievance complaints received by the Branch. It is expected that the Grievance Officers at the Regional level and Head Office level to play a more proactive role in not only redressing Grievances, but in minimizing the incidence. The Corporate Customer Care Division shall carry out a root cause analysis on the Grievances to provide inputs to the corporate management on product redesign, policy redesign and placing best practices, etc.

The Apex Customer Grievance Committee (ACGC) at HO 5. ACGC is a committee constituted under the Chairmanship of the Chairman-cumManaging Director and comprising of such members as may be provided from time to time. 6. The Grievance Redressal Procedure/ System: IRDA stipulates a maximum time limit of 15 days for disposal of a customer grievance. Though a maximum period of fifteen days for disposal of our claim representation cases sounds a bit too ambitious a target if our past record is any indication is to go by, we cannot be oblivious about the spirit behind such a stipulation from the Regulatory body. We need to put in place a system that eschews all avoidable delays. 7. The designated Grievance Officers shall be – The Branch Manager at every BO; The Regional Manager at every RO; and The General Manager at HO

(a) A grievance at the first stage shall be seen by a level immediately above the level at which the cause of grievance had occurred. That is, if the grievance is with regard to an act by a branch official working under the Branch Manager, the Branch Manager will be the one to consider such grievance in the first stage. However, if the grievance is with regard to an act by a BM, then in the 1st stage it would be considered by the concerned RM and for grievances arising from original acts of a RM, by the designated GM at Head Office, and for grievances arising from original acts of GM, by the Executive Director. (b) As regards grievances...
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