External Influence on Ayam Brand

Topics: Social class, Advertising, Brand Pages: 10 (3472 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Part 5: Analysis of the external characteristics of target audience EXTERNAL INFLUECES that may influence the decision making/ purchase behavior – primary target audience, ayam brand

- how reference groups may influence the product?
- the influence of message framing on buyer behavior
- the influence of advertising appeals on buyer behavior
- discussion on whether company should use humour as advertising appeal when promoting brand i) reference groups
Reference groups are any person or group of people that serves as a point of comparison (or reference) for and individual in forming either general or specific values, attitudes or a specific guide for behaviour. They provide individuals with a standpoint or reference in their purchase or consumption behaviour (Schiffman et al., 2008). Often these groups contain the opinion leaders that influence the consumer on what to purchase. The reference groups usually include family, social class and friends. Parents are the most influential reference group, involving in their children’s apparel purchase decision from the early age to tweens (Bridges & Burgess, 2010). Thus, in order to gain competitive advantage in the market place, companies should offer their products and services by considering parents’ needs and wants (Kinley, Josiam & Lockett, 2010). Reference groups have a high influence to the primary target audience, which are the housewives. The closest groups of people to housewives are the husbands and the children. Since housewives are the mothers for the children, they need to decide on which product of food or fruit to buy for their children for consumption. According to Gourmet Retailer (2008), mothers are concerned with feeding their little one the most nutritious diet possible. Thus, they make the decision to purchase “Ayam Brand” canned fruits because it contains no preservatives and MSG (ayam brand, 2009). “Ayam Brand” also provides a large variety of fruits, which are mainly pineapple fruits, mixture of fruit cocktails like peach, pears, grapes, cherries and fruits snacks as well. Children are usually very fond of all these, because what children want is different products throughout the time of consumption, and not the same or similar product over and over again.

Social class is the hierarchical categorization of people into distinct status classes, so that members of each class share similar values, interest and behaviour (Schiffman, et al., 2008). Social class is divided into upper class, middle class and lower class. It is determined by a complex set of variables: household income level, occupational prestige and educational achievement. Income directly affects ones attitude towards a particular purchase. For upper class people, they usually work in a big company, meaning they will have a busy working hours for almost everyday. Due to their occupation, they will not have time to shop for fresh fruits in the market. With concern of health at the same time, they will purchase ‘Ayam Brand’ canned fruits as it’s a very popular brand, with no preservatives and MSG, and is available in almost all convenient store or hypermarket, for example, “Giant Hypermarket”. Meanwhile, for the lower class people, they usually have a lower household income level. As ‘Ayam Brand’ canned fruits are cheap in price and it is value for money, they will choose to purchase it to satisfy basic needs.

For instance, Gap, Ralph Lauren and United Colours of Benetton understand how parents reflect the brand choices in the children’s market (Koksal, 2007). Parents especially are influential in apparel purchases because children are unable to pay for their own expenses of a purchase due to high cost. In addition, social group and peer influences are considered as the significant reference groups. Research shows as the age of a child increases, peers become more influential on apparel decision-making and not their parents anymore (Bridges & Burgess, 2010). Tweens nowadays,...
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