Federalism is a form of government that was created during the US Constitution. Federalism is essentially an agreement of powers between the national and state governments. Each of which the governments enforce their own laws, although neither of the two governments can alter their arrangement without the approving. There are specific powers that are handled directly by the national government, while others are dealt with by the state government. Now, when powers are held by both governments it is called concurrent powers. Although it is said that the national government is supreme the state government also has the same sovereignty on certain issues.

Federalism began when the Constitution of the United States began to develop. It was a compromise of powers between state and national governments. The main reason for federalism was to be sure that one government did not hold more power over the other. So by separating the powers of the government it avoided it, as well as preserved our personal liberty. Rather than the national government getting its powers from the states, or the other way around where the state gets its power from the national government, they receive it from the people. As this is a system of government for the people, by the people.

The advantages and disadvantages of federalism have always been up for debate by the people. Some argue that federalism’s advantages are that it promotes state loyalties by allowing Americans to feel connected or closeness with their state being that federalism with holds that connection because they have given power to its states. Another advantage of federalism is that it uses common sense, in the running of a country with such a diverse population like the United States. Power is given to state and local officials to deal with certain problems, as it is easier being that they understand the problems in the area and would know the best policy to put in place to solve any issues. Lastly,...
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