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MGT301 - Term Project Questionnaire on a GCC Family Business

You have to conduct several interviews with managers/owners of the family business of your choice to be able to obtain answers to the questions that are included in this questionnaire. The answers to these questions should be transcribed and included in a separate appendix at the end of your project. The more detailed and informative the answers you’ll manage to obtain, the highest are your chances to get a better grade for your project.You’llbe able to rely on the answers to these questions to present the background information about the family business. There are 2 main parts in this questionnaire and both parts have to be completed as part of your term project. Here are the details of each of the 2 parts of the questionnaire: Part 1: Questions regarding the evolution of the family business: The purpose of the first part of this questionnaire is to understand how the family business has evolved over time (since its establishment till present time) and what decisions were made to guarantee its sustained business success. You will see that there are 2 void columns in this part of the questionnaire: the first column refers to how the firm was in the past (when it was initially established) and the other column refers to how the firm is in the present (right now). So, each of the questionsincluded in this part has to be answered twice to illustrate the family business situation in the past (during its early years of operation) and the family business situation today in the present time. Part 2: Open-ended questions about the family firm:

The purpose of the second part of the questionnaire is to gather some additional background information about the family business and to understand its orientation towards succession management. The most important aspect in this part relates to the understanding of the fact whether the company wishes to stay a family business in the future,...
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