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An Inspector Calls

Sample essay plan for q.2
1. Introduction 2. Character 3. Dramatic devices *(most important) 4. Social/Historical context 5. Conclusion (Themes.)

the 'unities' from Classical Greek drama are based around three major things: time, place and action

'An Inspector Calls' is a play which explores social inequality in postwar Britain. Priestley uses many dramatic devices such as stage directions, dramatic irony, lighting and setting to expose what he perceives to be the ills of excessive Capitalism. Eva Smith personifies the victimisation of the British working class and women.

Social and Historical context
● Play set in 1912 but written in 1945. ● Britain after the war was a time where class divisions had been eroded. Priestley urged Britain to make the most of this and end the exploitation of the poor, particularly through factories. ● The play can be seen as a criticism of the whole Capitalist model itself. ● Priestly advocates a socialist model where the wealth of society is evenly distributed.

Capitalism and socialism
Capitalism is a social structure where there is a free market and where the rich usually prevail and there is typically 5-10% of people with the most money.

Dramatic devices
Main devices: Dramatic irony, setting, lighting, stage directions, temporal and spatial parameters (boundaries of time and space.) and the inspector himself. The play is in 'real time' - in other words, the story lasts exactly as long as the play is on the stage. This gives the play a sense of realism. Priestley says that the lighting should be "pink and intimate"before the Inspector arrives - a rose-tinted glow - when it becomes "brighter and harder." The lighting reflects the mood of the play Dramatic irony is employed to make the audience more involved. (Birling on Titanic and World War.) The Titanic can be seen as an example of human hubris

Timing of entrances and exits is crucial. For...
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