Flatland Paper

Topics: Social class, Regular polygon, Middle class Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: November 19, 2013
In the book "Flatland", a character whose name is "A. Square" explains about the classes of the flatland. If a figure, or a person, has more sides, it or he is a high class. He mentioned that circles are the highest class in the society of flatland. Polygonal, Hexagons, and other many-sided shapes follow the circles as nobilities in order of the classes. Next follows pentagons and squares as professional men. "A. Square", who is the man explaining all this stuff, is one of them. Equilateral triangles are middle classes and Isosceles triangles are soldiers and lower class of workmen. Finally, women are straight lines, who are the lowest classes of all. "A. Square" also mentioned that women are almost nothing. This kind of system of classes existed in our world's countries long time ago. However, it had been disappeared and nowadays, everyone is equal. People knew that it was unfair and wrong to treat people differently, so they rose up for equality. Just like these people, I also think equality is an important factor in society. Treating women as "nothing" is wrong. For the lower or middle classes, it is unfair to distribute classes like this because they did not even have chance to choose what class they wanted to be. They already have classes chosen for them when they are born. Nowadays in this world, people mostly choose their future on their own by working and preparing themselves. This is a correct example of equal society. I also wondered how the population of each classes are balanced. Some of the lower classes' sons are born as Equilateral triangles, which can give birth to sons with one more side than father. However, if this continues, there will be more and more people having evolution. Finally there will be more circles at the end. Even though the circles rarely bear sons, there is still nothing accurate. I am also not sure about how they bear children. If women are the lowest classes and none of the upper classes take them or take care of them, how...
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