Founder-Ceo Succession at Wily Technology

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Founder-CEO Succession at Wily Technology
Lew Cirne sat stunned in his chair, digesting what Richard Williams had just proposed. As the founder, CEO, and chairman of Wily Technology, Cirne (pronounced "Ser-nee”) had worked hard to build the skills necessary to lead a start-up, had developed Wily’s early technology single-handedly, had hired 50 employees to help him build the company, and had successfully spearheaded a strategic transformation of the company. He had led the company to the point where he had convinced several important customers to buy WiIy’s flagship product and had successfully raised two rounds of financing from top investors. 盧Cirne坐在愣在他的椅子上,消化理查德·威廉姆斯剛剛提出。作為的創始人,CEO,和老謀深算的技術,Cirne(發音為“輯-NEE”)主席曾工作努力,以建立必要的技能,帶領一個剛起步的,已經開發Wily的早期技術一己之力,已經聘請了50名員工,以幫助他建立的公司,並成功地帶領該公司的戰略轉型。他曾帶領公司的地步,他說服了幾個重要的客戶,買WiIy的旗艦產品,並已成功地提出了兩個頂尖投資者的三輪融資。 However, after the last round of financing, at the behest of Wily’s lead venture capitalist, Cirne had agreed to give up his CEO position and step down to CTO and had helped find and recruit Williams to take over the CEO position. Now, as the last condition before he would accept the job as Wily’s CEO, Williams Wanted Cirne to also give up the chairman position that Cirne had held since Wily’s founding. As he stared out the window, Cirne wondered how he should react: "Just how much am I going to have to give up to make this thing a success? When is it too much? Is this step i going over the line?” As he thought back through Wily’s history, he also wondered what he could have done differently to avoid having to step down so soon as Wily’s CEO. 但是,經過上一輪的融資,在老謀深算的領先風險投資家的授意下,Cirne已同意放棄他的CEO的位置上,下台,CTO,並幫助尋找並招募威廉姆斯接手CEO的位置。現在,Wily的CEO,他會接受這份工作前的最後一個條件,威廉姆斯希望Cirne也放棄了主席的立場,即Cirne Wily的建國以來舉行的。他盯著窗外,Cirne不知道他應該如何反應:“究竟有多少我不得不放棄做這件事是成功的嗎?當是太多了嗎?這一步我過線嗎?”作為他認為,通過Wily的歷史,他也想知道他可以做什麼不同的,以避免Wily的CEO這麼快就下台。 Early Years

Lew Cirne grew up in rural southern Ontario, Canada, the only child of worIreminisced: ”I played a lot of hockey...
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