Fundamentals of Business System Development

Topics: Project management, Project planning, Proposal Pages: 7 (2417 words) Published: June 17, 2009
Fundamentals of Business Systems Development
Human Resource Refigure ration
Theron A. Wilson
December 12, 2007
University of Phoenix
Chloris Wright
Riordan Manufacturers are looking for the redesigning of their Human Resource department. This will involve the transferring of their legacy system into a more advance human resource networking system. The company is asking for a proposal that will describe the techniques that will be used in order to gather the information that will be needed for the transformation. Also, the proposal will give a detail analysis that will be included in the design methods that will be involve in the configuration of the new system. Within the proposal, there will be a listing of the key factors that reinsure the organization that the information that was obtained was gathered successful. And as the conclusion, an explanation of the scope and feasibility of the project will be exhibited. The process will be implemented a collaboration of phases within the systems development life cycle. The initial process begins with the developing a team that will be design to handle any situation that may come during the course of the project. This part of the process is prudent in order to accomplish the goal of the project; in which is the successfully redesigning the H & R department of Riordan. Therefore, with the collaborated efforts of the team and Riordan's I. T. department, the process will be implemented in a collaboration of phases that is established by the systems development life cycle. The beginning of the cycle involves the planning phase. Defining the problem will be the first agenda that will be address in the proposal. Riordan's Human Resource department is the problem domain. It is currently composed of independently-filed paperwork that is maintained by each managerial personnel. Managers are also responsible for the tracking of FMLA absences. A change to any employees' information is submitted onto special forms by the employee's manager and process by the payroll clerk. Training and developmental files are established on an Excel spreadsheet and is maintained by the training and development specialist. Records about the workers' compensation are maintained by an independent contractor. Each recruiter maintains applicant information for open positions. Resumes are filed in a central storage area, and an Excel spreadsheet is used to track the status of applicants. The compensation manager keeps an Excel spreadsheet with the results of job analyses, salary surveys and individual compensation decisions. Employee relations specialists track information about complaints, grievances, harassment complaints, etc. in locked files in their offices. The problem that exists within the human resource department is the absence of an automated networking system. Second, there is not limitation set on those who should be included in dealing with these confidential files. Next, there is not a centralized hub established that can maintain all of the records that need to be kept about the employees for Riordan. Third, the contracting of a third party provider to maintain confidential records of each individual that work for the Riordan Manufacturers is probably is not the best alternative to maintaining the security of the individuals' information within the organization. The production of a project schedule will be the produced to document the design of the project; the guidelines that they will follow; and the timeline that will be executed in order to meet their goals. The project will begin with the evaluation of Riordan's I.T. department. This information is required to gain information about the company's computer and database system in order to see that system can use or handle the upgrades that will be necessary in order to update the H & R department. In order to establish this goal, the staff will be used to gain information in order to guarantee the successfulness of the project....
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