Gatsby Anticipation Guide

Topics: Social class, Working class, Currency Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: February 27, 2015
The Great Gatsby
English 11: Mr. Borah/Mrs. Lee
Directions: Answer the following questions based on your own experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. Answer in complete sentences.  1. How might people who are born into wealth compare and contrast to those who are “nouveau riche” or acquired their wealth overnight?   People who are born into wealth tend to be greedy and selfish, while people who acquire their wealth understand the concepts of hard labor and selflessness.

2. Would you date or marry someone just for money?  What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?  I would not, the person who I date or marry should be the one I’m attracted to and I know who is for me and one that I can deal with the rest of my life. Advantages would of course being wealthy, disadvantages would be never finding your true love and being truly happy.

3. What defines a person’s social class today?  Would you date or marry someone below your own social class?  What would be your parent’s reaction?  How would you or your parents be different if the person was above your social class?  The social classes today are radically different parts of the world. For the USA, I suppose the social classes are combined with the wealth classes. I would definitely date someone below my social class if I’m attracted to them and I like that person. I would make my parents respect my decisions, by then I will be an adult and they shouldn’t be telling me what to do and what to think. If the person was above my social class, I’d be surprised. My parents would likely be impressed and fearful that the person may be using me somehow. Wealthy people always have an Agenda to ensure their power.

4. What dreams and hopes do you have for your future?
 Go to college, get a degree. Be happy, successful, debt free. Have a girlfriend, a wife later on, then have kids. Own a Tesla model S, or even future models as they come out. Also, I hope to go to another planet...
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