Gender Roles

Topics: Social class, Female, Middle class Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The women of Antigua take on different roles and meanings of womanhood in Antigua. Woman in Antigua are divided into classes such as the high class for wealthy women, the middle class for those who have enough and the low class women who live day to day to find their next meal. Women of low class are not expected to uphold the same social traditions as women in higher classes and so as the middle class not expected to hold the same tradition for both low and high class. In the novel Annie John, Red girl is from a low class. Red girl’s behavior is that of a poor child. The low class children of Antigua use their surroundings as a playground such as playing in the dirt and climbing trees. The society of a low class woman is viewed as disrespectful and unclean due to the lack of money to provide for them. Annie John is a middle class girl who is taught all ways to be proper and assert herself as ladylike. Women of middle class go to school to get an education so they can uphold the middle class status or marry a wealthy man and upgrade. Toys are generally bought for middle class girls to prevent them from playing outside where it is dirty. Women of high class in Antigua are always well dressed and polite. The women are often stuck with strict grooming, etiquette, and private education if requested from the parents. In Girl the mother strikes her daughter down with all these advices and rules on how to keep a good safe haven for herself or significant other. At the same time, however, the mere fact that she takes the time to impart her knowledge suggests a deeper caring for her daughter. In all class the mother always tries their best to give as much as advice to their daughters because of fear of them adopting a life of promiscuity and danger. Class is just one way womanhood can vary in Antigua. Another is which allows for womanhood to vary in Antigua is the behavioral and cultural aspect. Studies show that women are expected to work in different areas than men....
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