Global Stratification and the World Order

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 12 (5206 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Requirement One: “Global Stratification and the World Order” 1.)After reading what John Perkins had to say I really had to second guess my understanding and acceptance of our government. I did not realize how far the government is willing to go to ensure the world order and economic structure is always stacked in our country’s favor. I thought we were the country to help other countries out. The government does this, but makes it so the countries we are assisting are forever in debt to us, giving us what we want. We all seem to want to believe that we have a great government system but does tricking vulnerable countries and making them “slaves” to our economy sound like a caring strategy? I would have to say no. It was interesting to read from John Perkins that they will go through different levels of people until someone does the job and manipulates the other country or people. If those people do not succeed, then young men and women soldiers are brought forward to win the fight like they are doing in Iraq. This is pathetic. The government will put many peoples’ lives on the line just so they can have their way. After this information was brought to my attention, it made me and is making me feel very insecure about the government I live my life by. I love my country but the government is a completely different situation for me now. 2.) American corporations keep our government alive and going. I say this because so many of our corporations look for cheap labor and other costs in different countries around the world that are vulnerable to our power. These American corporations will have their factors in other countries and control their workers. Then they can manipulate them and help out the government. For example, an American corporation like Target has a factory in Mexico. There might be some time of political thing going on in Mexico and a politician may be in favor to giving some control over the Mexico to the U.S. So Target will somehow bribe or persuade their workers to like this certain politician, giving the U.S. government what they want. This might me a dramatic situation but I believe it is happening. When I go to Target and buy a shirt I do not think about where it came from, what kind of environment it was made in, or who the people were who made it. American corporations can use their power against the government. If the government does not allow them to look elsewhere for cheap labor then they will no longer be funded and supported by that corporation along with other disadvantages. That could cause a domino effect with other corporations seeing this. It would simply tear our government apart. The government may be manipulating other countries but American corporations are the ones manipulating them. I always see commercials on TV, encouraging American citizens to help out others less fortunate in other countries. Sometimes the people that put on these commercials are American corporations. Those corporations have factors in other countries and are making it worse for that they are trying to “help”. It is a big act that the corporations put on to make it look like that they are not at fault; they are trying to fix things…ha. No matter where a corporation goes, labor is labor. Just because they move their factors to a poor country does not mean that the workers deserve less. They make surviving worse on them because they pay them nothing and never change it. Workers will work countless, harsh hours to make a tiny bit causing them to be mentally and physically ill. American corporations will promote help for the people that they are hurting. This is a concept that sadly I just figured out. 3.)No one should ever be murdered just for not agreeing and “going along with the program”. I would just go with it because I know how powerful the government is and I would not want to die. There have been many leaders and people of other countries who have not agreed with what the U.S. was trying to do with their...

References: used in Requirement Two:
Cooper, Donna (2013)
Requirement Three: “Helping Developing Countries”
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