Gm591On Leadership and Organizational Behavior Outline

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Course Project
Organizational Issues of Summit Industries, LLC.
- Outline

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

I. Introduction

A. Summit Industries, LLC.
1. Summit Industries is a Chicago, Illinois based manufacturer and marketer of diagnostic radiographic equipment for the worldwide medical, veterinary and chiropractic markets. The company was founded in 1984 by its current Chairman. The Chairman currently retains ownership of 70% of the company with the remainder belonging to the board of directors and a small group of non voting shareholders. 2. I am the current Human Resources Manager for Summit Industries LLC. 3. Issues, events, and actions that contributed to problem being discussed

a) Chairman has a history of dysfunction with his Executive Management staff
b) Chairman has a history of dysfunction with the board.
c) Chairman has a history of being unwilling to address long standing internal/external conflicts. d) The assignment of GM of the GSVMC facility, the brother-in-law of the Chairman.

i.GSVMC had become a vital necessity to the profitability of Summit.
ii. GSVMC is the only facility capable of providing necessary parts in the appropriate volumes.
iii.GSVMC was gained when the Chairman married his current wife, a Chinese national and businesswoman
e) The placement of key management employees outside of their comfort one.
f) Continual "Churn" amongst the management group
g) Chairmans renewed interest in exiting the industry

II. Identify the problem you will discuss in your paper

A. Summit Industries has been led for the past 27 years by am owner/chairman who has engaged in a totalitarian management style and counterproductive business policies, making an...

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