How Were the French and Haitian Revolutions Similar

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Bourgeoisie Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: August 16, 2013
How were the French and Haitian Revolutions similar? They have many similarities. The similarities they both have are that they wanted rights, they had strict social class, and they had many changes. Now I’m about to tell you details and why to these similarities. One similarity French and Haitian have is that they wanted rights. The rights they wanted were freedom. The slaves wanted freedom in French and Haitian because they wanted to be treated like whites. Another right they wanted was a tax free life. They wanted to pay things without paying taxes with it. Lastly, they wanted each person to vote for one person not everybody to give to the estate as a whole. That’s the rights they wanted. Another similarity they had is that they had strictly social class. They both have high and middle social class. French high social class I made up of the high politician. Haiti high social class was the same but included traditional elite. Both middle classes from French and Haiti were both powerful and have to deal with white collar jobs. That’s all I know about they social class. Finally, they last similarity I’m going to talk about is that they made changes. The changes French made were that they brought about an end to the monarchy that ruled France, and established a Republic which represented more of the middle class or "bourgeois" as opposed to the aristocracy. The changes Haitian made were that they won independence and slaves were free. Them the changes they made. In Conclusion, the similarities they made were that they wanted rights, had strictly social class, and they made changes. Now you can see the similarities French and Haiti had. This is my essay and I hope its good.

By: Tammy Winfrey
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