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Topics: Myocardial infarction, Atherosclerosis, Heart Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Unit 14
Cardiologist (Medical Consultant)
Mrs Webster has been referred to me due to the pain in her chests and her recent diagnoses of high blood pressure that puts her at a higher risk of getting CHD. My role as her cardiologist is to ensure that I carry out further investigation to diagnose and to provide treatment for Mrs Webster. As A cardiologist I will carry out electrocardiogram to record and detect Mrs Webster’s hearts activity it will show me how if her heart beat and the rhythm of her heart is abnormal or normal. This is because her GP documented that she complained of chest pains carrying out an EKG will help me find if the cause of the chest pains is CHD. I will also carry out and a stress echocardiogram this is an ultra-scan of the heart that gives me an accurate picture of how well Mrs Webster’s heart muscle are working to pump blood while her heart is beating faster and harder than usual. The images should display signs that parts of the heart are not receiving enough blood or oxygen because her arteries are blocked or narrowed. I decided to perform this test because she has been experiencing angina within the last year. I will also be carrying out an angiogram this will give me a chance to view Mrs Webster’s blood flow through her heart this will outline any form of blockage through the arteries. My plan/ Strategy

After carrying out these tests I was able to find out that Mrs Webster does have coronary heart disease and I will be making some recommendations that should have an impact on her care. This plan is to help her reduce the risks of further problems of like heart attacks, widen any clogged arteries and relive the symptoms to do this I will provide Mrs Webster with some treatment. My first strategy is to recommend a daily lifestyle change for that can help Mrs Webster reduce her high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this can also benefit maintaining healthy weight. This can be done by healthy eating, exercising,...
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