Human beings live in a world of challenges and they need life skills to cope with the challenges

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Human beings live in a world of challenges and they need life skills to cope with the challenges. It is for this reason that life skills education is an important aspect of Primary school curriculum. This write up aims at discussing the possible strategies that a Primary school teacher can use to develop the following skills in the pupils they teach: critical thinking, decision making, assertiveness, peer pressure resistance and effective communication. The term life skill will be defined. Life Skills have been defined by the World Health Organisation () as abilities for adaptive a positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life. According to Mubape (2011) states that, life skills are those skills which will assist an individual to interact with his or her environment as independently as possible. UNICEF (2012) defined life skills as a behaviour change or behaviour development approach designed to address a balance of three areas which include knowledge, attitude and skills. The writer defines life skills as those skills that permit an individual to problem solving appropriately and responsibly in life situations. This implies that, one is able to explore alternatives, weigh pros and corns and make rational decisions in solving each problem as it arises. Besides, it also includes being able to establish productive interpersonal relationship with others. Chikutuma (2012) propounded that life skills are the abilities that help to promote mental well being and competence in young children as they face the realities of life. Life skills are of paramount importance in one’s life especially to the children at primary school level. According to UNICEF (2012), life skills provide school children with strategies to make healthy choices that contribute to a meaningful life. Also, they help children to take positive actions to protect themselves and to promote health and meaningful social relationships. Moreover, Life...
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