Immigration Essay

Topics: Social class, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Lillian Tang
January 19,2013
LS 134
Mina Barahimi

Immigration History Paper

My grandparents were originally from Guangzhou, China. In the early modern days, Guangzhou embraced the industrial culture, so there were many warehouses and wharfs. Both of my grandparents grew up in a poor, rural neighborhood during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The Revolution had a massive impact on the lives of the working class. Mao had been a dynamic leader that strongly asserted his philosophy on the country in which no one is better than any other person and all work towards a classless society. Many people were persecuted during the instability that the citizens suffered mistreats such as: harassment, torture, seizure of property, and imprisonment. The Cold War took place over a long time and was interrupted when Japan invaded China and WWII. In the early stages of the Civil War, a large group of youths were drafted for political reasons. Because of the instability of the political struggles, my grandparents fled to Hong Kong for safety and opportunities. My grandfather didn't have a chance to pursue a higher education, so his academia ended before entering high school. He understood that he was a different playing field; therefore, he worked harder and longer than any typical workers. He took all the opportunities that were given to him. His hard work was eventually paid-off; he is now a self-made man that owns several trading companies and factories. The move from Guangzhou to Hong Kong was my grandfather's turning point in life and perhaps his best life choice. At a young age, breaking rules was my only taste of freedom. Parental discipline was not enough since my grandparents, who lived with us, protected me from harsh punishments. Soon, my egocentrism made me feel “invincible.” Every other week, I came up with clever excuses to cut classes, forging my mom’s signature on the missing assignment notes. Because of my rebellious nature, my parents were eager to...
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