Topics: Social class, Middle class, Sociology Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: December 2, 2012
J. Li
Social Theory
for Economic growth utilizing
(Class, Gender, Education, Race)

The similarities found within the theorists articles are primarily based on inequality. Various authors explain how it is reproduced and used for incentives. How that ties into the economic growth that can increase productivity through competition. Some of those sub-levels used to create those inequalities are: class, gender, race and education. The differences in inequality when race is applied are the articles of Bonacich and Hartmann. Bonacich talks of the ethnic antagonism found within our country that applies to two types: ‘the exclusion movement and the so-called caste systems’. “In the one, an effort is made to prevent an ethnically different group from being a part of the society. In the other, an ethnically different group is essential to the society; it is an exploited class supporting the entire edifice” (Bonacich, 120). If we were to apply this in a class oriented position, this is how it would appear in modern times. For example, the private school (exclusion) and public school (caste) system; demonstrating the theory in itself. In the private school it is built up of the elite leaders spawns and their intention is to provide their heirs with the best, but making sure that they have the best of the best thus ‘excluding’ or eliminating others of the opportunity. While the public system is caste giving them a chance at succeeding that can also be applied to the nation’s idea of opportunity through competition. How they determine some of their cheaper labor is through various means such as education/vocational skills used for exclusion that those that aren’t educated shouldn’t have those desired positions that give prestige due to their lack of education or unskillfulness. As opposed to the caste system it uses the competition of one another by them focusing on competing each other than the people creating the competition. They use the public system...
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